Have a Case?

Determining whether you have a case of wrongful termination, retaliation or discrimination can be a complicated process. Various laws come into play. The laws to be considered are both California law and federal law. We must consider the unique facts of your situation in order to make a determination of whether you have what we believe is a provable case.

We provide information about when someone does or does not have a case of wrongful termination, discrimination or retaliation in the blog posts on this website. Go to the HOME page and start navigating the posts from there. However, we strongly encourage you to go ahead and fill out the , which will only take a few minutes, or give us a call toll-free at (800) 977-9834 so that we can obtain some information and review your potential case. On the form and if you call, the questions that will be presented to you are those that we know to be important to making an initial determination of your rights. So even though you may not think they are relevant to your situation, please answer them trusting that we have the knowledge and experience to ask the right questions.

The questions in our form or that will be asked of you by Perry Smith’s personal assistant are intended to obtain the specific information we need to help us see if we may be able to assist you with pursuing legal action against your employer/former employer. Filling out the form or being interviewed by Perry Smith’s personal assistant will only take about ten to fifteen minutes. Perry or his associate attorney will review all answers. At that point, if there is interest in your particular case, Perry or another attorney from the Termination, Discrimination and Retaliation Law Group will call you to discuss the case further.

If we decide to take the case, there are no up-front fees. We will enter into an “engagement agreement” with you, which sets forth the terms and scope of our representation. This agreement will generally state that you will not have to pay us attorneys’ fees unless we obtain a settlement or verdict for you.

Once we are “engaged” to represent you, we will complete our investigation into the facts relating to your case. We will then seek to obtain a remedy (generally money damages) from the employer, whether by corresponding with the employer to obtain a settlement without litigation or by litigating the case. The scope of our responsibilities to you and your responsibilities in the matter will be fully set forth in the “engagement agreement.”