Case Results

Of course, each case is unique and based on its particular facts. So, although some of our example cases may look similar to yours, they are no indication of how your potential case might come out.

Our cases almost always resolve without a trial. We have had jury trials over wrongful termination and wage claims and have succeeded in doing so. However, the risks presented to employers and employees in facing a jury cause most cases to settle. When we settle, it is almost always a confidential settlement. Thus, we have to be careful with what we disclose, here. This should provide you with enough information, however, to see that we have been quite successful on behalf of our clients.

  • Obtained two years’ salary for an employee who was terminated after pregnancy leave;


  • Obtained nearly seven years’ salary for an employee terminated after making safety complaints;


  • Obtained a years’ salary and $120,000 in attorneys’ fees for an employee terminated because of the need for leave to deal with depression;


  • Obtained a jury verdict for employee fired in retaliation for complaining about discrimination.  The verdict included all lost income as well as emotional distress and punitive damages;


  • Obtained a jury verdict for three employees who were not paid wages properly;


  • Obtained eighteen months of salary for employee terminated after medical leave;


  • Obtained hundreds of thousands of dollars for employee discriminated against because of a protected characteristic;


These are just a handful of our results.